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Marcio Andrade Interview

Marcio Garcia De Andrade is an Entrepreneur and Director of seven brands in the financial services Industry.  He has experimented with web service sales, global workforces, and internet delivery systems. Of course, he’s had his share of ‘failures’ he’s grown from, but that has allowed him to enjoy more home runs than most. 

His employees consider him a father figure, stern but fair, compassionate yet professional. He loves 
Dan Carnegie’s books and drinking beer. His favorite color is red.  His teachers say he is brilliant but stubborn, like most innovators. He never flew first class. He has employees working for him around the globe, so there is always someone in his organization that is producing work. 

We interviewed Marcio Andrade, and this is what he had to say about his career:

What did you study in college?
I studied finance at the University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida.

What is your occupation?
I am an entrepreneur and Director of several brands in the financial services Industry.

How long have you been doing this work?
I have been in this Business since 2006.

What got you into the financial industry?
During my first year at the University of Florida, back in 2001, I needed a way to earn money to pay for my living expenses, and decided to get into real estate as a real estate agent and investor.

When did you set up your first financial service website?
Back in 2003, I set up my first website for the mortgage brokerage business I had started. It was a website primarily to allow clients to submit their loan applications online and facilitate the application process.

Were you a mortgage broker previously?
Yes, I was a mortgage broker from around 2002 to 2005, initially working for a mortgage brokerage firm and later setting up my own mortgage brokerage business.

Do you have any ancillary businesses not related to internet sales of financial services?
I have business ideas that I would like to implement in the future, but no other current operating businesses outside of online sales and financial services.

How many hours per week do you devote to your business?
I don’t count the hours. I focus on creativity. This question is virtually impossible for me to answer, but I probably put in 30 to 60 hours per week.

Since your business’ market is in the U.S., how often do you go there?
I travel to Miami every 2 to 3 months, mostly to take care of banking and to see my immediate family that lives there.

Your business owns a call center in the Philippines.  Have you visited that office?
No, I have not, but it’s in my plans. It’s a very long trip, and I have an excellent manager there.

How often do you speak with managers in the Philippines?
I speak with my managers daily, and often on weekends, too.

What are your normal working hours, considering that most of your employees are in Asia and most of your customers are in North America?
My work hours start around 12 pm ET, and I typically head to bed around 4 am.

Do you reinvest in your business?
Yes, any business will die if you don’t keep investing into it and improving it.

We also had an opportunity to interview Marcio on his family and upbringing. Here is what he had to say:

Where did you grow up?
I grew up in Campinas, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Did you play sports in school?
I played soccer when I was younger.

Are you religious?
No, but I believe in God and in a greater intelligence that created the world.

Do you support any charities?
Yes. I have supported the following charities for the last eight Years: Children’s Christian Fund, Children International, The Smile Train, and the World Society for the Protection of Animals.
As an entrepreneur and business builder, with a head full of concepts and the knowledge, skills, and company structure to make those ideas pay off, he pioneered the virtual company, moving his headquarters around the world to interesting places, and hiring people from a variety of different countries. Here are his thoughts on virtual office and breaking down national barriers.

What is your business philosophy in regards to a virtual office, global workforce, hiring professionals?
The growth of broadband internet service at the beginning of the century suddenly made it possible for work to be easily outsourced to workers anywhere in the world, taking advantage of a much larger pool of qualified candidates and a significantly lower cost of labor. This allowed us to hire very good people, very FAST, and at much lower rates than we ever could hope to do in the United States, consequentially lowering our operating costs and increasing the speed of the hiring process.

How does the global work force idea work? 
I believe this globalization that has taken place is a very positive thing for the world, as it brought gigantic opportunities to underprivileged people across the globe, that previously were limited to looking for work within the borders of their own country, which in most cases meant they were dealing with a very high unemployment rate and very low pay.

How did you build your core staff?
The majority of my management team started off as freelancers hired for specific projects. Upon seeing that they had great talent and a solid work ethic, I offered them full-time positions within the company, and they have been invaluable to the growth and stability of the business.

What is your moral code?
My moral code is simple: Shoot straight. Tell it like it is. Never lie. Lying is just fear. Fear of telling the truth. Fear of what others might say or think or do. Liars are cowards. People respect the truth. They respect honesty. I prefer to be very blunt about what I want or think, and that has worked out very well for me, because the worst thing someone can do to you is lie to you or cheat you, and that is something I do not do, but it is something most people do all the time, which just raises the value of being honest and being blunt.

How do you manage your employees when they misstep?
If I sense lies and cheating, I terminate them immediately. There are no second chances when it comes to Integrity. You are either honest, or you are a liar. There is no middle ground, and I cannot have liars in my business nor my life.

How do you manage employees when you discover they have cheated you?
I immediately terminate them and if necessary, take legal action against them. I have already fired my best sales reps, the ones bringing the most revenue to the company, because they were stealing funds and diverting business. I don’t care how good you are or how much you sell, or how “irreplaceable” you think you are – If you lie to me or cheat me, you are terminated immediately, and I will find someone to replace you, no matter what the short-term consequences may be.

Describe your program for mentoring your managers.
Managers become managers because they are professionals I trust can get things done, can manage others successfully, and can work with minimal or no supervision. Therefore, my mentoring program consists mostly of “brain dumps”, which are conversational sessions in which I share my knowledge of certain subjects and they assimilate that knowledge to expand their capabilities.

What does your day consist of?
My day consists mostly of monitoring the work of the managers and working on creative projects for improving and growing the business. I try as much as possible to delegate everything I can delegate, and keep my desk clean with only forward-looking projects that can grow and improve the business. I focus on creativity and “flow” and not necessarily on time. One hour of very creative time is worth more to me than 12 hours of work where the creative sparks don’t fly. Creativity is what I try to nurture because that is what creates new products, new brands, and new ideas to improve the business.

How many people are in your employ?
We currently employ over 50 people in our company.

Where are they located?
The majority of the team members are in the Philippines, with our management team and sales team located in the United States.

Why did you decide to locate your office in Rio?
Our official offices are in Miami and New York. Rio is where I decided to live for personal reasons. The way our company is structured, I can live anywhere in the world with a good internet connection, and so can anyone who works in our company. There is no office and no office politics. There is no wasting time in traffic nor chatting by the water cooler.

On lifestyle, Marcio had this to say.

Do you live a luxury lifestyle?
I focus on the things that really matter to me, the things that make me happy and the things that make me grow. I delegate everything I can delegate, so that I can free up my time for the really important things in life and in business, and this delegation naturally leads to luxury. Delegation means housekeepers, drivers, admin assistants, and other professionals that free up my time. I am also a big fan of organization and cleanliness – I like everything in my surroundings to be organized, clean, and pleasant, so my creativity has the best environment to flourish.

Do you own Mercedes, BMW, Jaguar, or luxury cars?
I have in the past, but no longer have an interest in these types of luxuries. I don’t like driving anymore, and prefer to use a driver or take an Uber.

Do you own and wear expensive luxury jewelry?
No. I refuse to buy jewelry. It’s just money down the drain and additional stress if you ever lose it.

Do you use private jets or other luxurious travel?
No, I don’t. I fly economy class. I can’t convince myself to pay so much extra cash for a little extra luxury for a few hours of sitting on a plane. Perhaps in the future, this may change, but I would need to have so much money available that $5K to $10K on a flight would be pocket change.

Marcio Andrade has been successful in predicting market trends relating to financing, credit, and meeting financial goals. Through his companies, he has helped thousands of people stabilize in a volatile credit market, achieve funding for business goals and meet their financial dreams. He has weathered upturns and downturns in the U.S. and world markets, has built a business employing hundreds of full time, part time and freelance workers all over the world, and has always kept ahead of the game. 

If copying is the sincerest form of flattery, the people who have seen his success and tried to duplicate it by matching what he does have already lost the battle, as he has already laid out his course three years and even five years ahead. 

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Marcio Garcia de Andrade: Founder of a Fast-Rising Financial Services Company in the US

Marcio Garcia de Andrade established several successful businesses in the United States. he started doing business back when he was in college. At the age of 34, he was able to create several businesses that help people achieve their financial goals.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Do You Want To Be On Shark Tank?

Think again! Instead of risking your business by splitting up ownership with loan sharks, keep control of your finances and business by working with Marcio Andrade. He is the entrepreneur to trust with your own entrepreneurial aspirations. He guides you through every step of the way to improve your credit rating, secure low interest lines of credit and secure higher lines of credit! This is the recipe of success to get your business properly financed and secure.

Marcio Andrade has faced the challenges of starting and running his own businesses and knows what it’s like to be in your position. He chose and carefully crafted the best solutions that are proven to be effective in getting your credit score up, your interest rate down and a line of credit to put money in your pocket.

The great thing about this type of financing is that you keep control of your business and you are not put at high risk of trusting loan sharks. You’re simply trusting Marcio’s team to resolve some questionable marks on your credit score to help lower your interest rates, giving you a variety of wholesale shelf corporations that are aged like fine wine with a good credit score to boost your credit score and helping you find the best lines of credit to fund your business needs.  
With the unveiling of the next phase of his career, many lives are set for a dramatic, positive turn. You can visit http://www.marcioandrade.com/ to learn more details about Marcio.


Name: Marcio Garcia De Andrade
Company Name: Mait Management Inc.
Email: Morissa.Schwartz@FastUnsecured.com
Website: http://www.marcioandrade.com/

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Marcio Andrade Is The KEY To Financial Security

Friday, September 29, 2017 - Who is Marcio Andrade? He is the owner of many businesses that are designed to help others achieve the financial security they need to start or support their business. Like ABC’s popular show Shark Tank, you may have seen businesses vying for the position to secure more financing and support for their business.

Marcio Andrade is the solution for your financial concerns to your business. As an entrepreneur himself he knows what its like to start with just an idea and grow it to be big. That’s just what he did. He is the owner, architect and founder of the 99th Floor LLC companies and has a collection of finance funding support sites to help you develop the credit and capital you need to start or expand your business to the fullest. He specializes in getting your credit score up, and getting you credit cards with low interest and high credit lines all while you stay in complete control of your business, unlike borrowing money from someone who wants a portion of your business as equity.
Even if your business is financially comfortable, I suggest you find out what Marcio’s method can do to make sure you always have a security net to support your business no matter how the economy fluctuates.

With the unveiling of the next phase of his career, many lives are set for a dramatic, positive turn. You can visit http://www.marcioandrade.com/ to learn more details about Marcio.


Name: Marcio Garcia De Andrade
Company Name: Mait Management Inc.
Email: Morissa.Schwartz@FastUnsecured.com
Website: http://www.marcioandrade.com/

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Will Marcio Andrade Improve Your Life?

Friday, September 29, 2017 - Who is Marcio Andrade? He is THE entrepreneur who helps others get the financing they need to fund their own business. He found a way for individuals to get the credit scores they need, the money they need, and the support they need to fund their business safely and quickly.

If you’re considering starting your own business or own one, you've probably heard of or seen the show Shark Tank. Instead of wishing for a spot on the show Shark Tank and a chance to entice a loan shark to buy into your business and fund you, you can work with Marcio. He can help you not only resolve hidden conditions with your credit score and lower your interest rates, but also set you up with a higher credit score very quickly with wholesale corporations to help boost your score and improve your business appearance to banks as lenders. After he sorts out your credit scores, he sets you up for success to get the line of credit you need for your business.

With the unveiling of the next phase of his career, many lives are set for a dramatic, positive turn. You can visit http://www.marcioandrade.com/ to learn more details about Marcio.


Name: Marcio Garcia De Andrade
Company Name: Mait Management Inc.
Email: Morissa.Schwartz@FastUnsecured.com
Website: http://www.marcioandrade.com/

Friday, September 29, 2017


Meu nome é Douglas Filter e eu moro perto do cidade de Nova York.

Eu comecei trabalhar com Marcio Garcia de Andrade um… alguns dous anos atras. Eu originalmente firmei como um escritor de scripts para fazer vídeos de marketing para um de sus sites,

Sua empresa tem um numero de sites para serviços de negócios - como ajudar pessoas a incorporar, encontrar financiamento, aconselhamento de credito, financiamento para individuais e negócios e coisas como essas.

Recentemente, eu me tornei no produtor para ele. Eu cuido entre 8 e 15 artistas diferentes, pessoas de vídeo, pessoas de voz, animadores e assim.

Eu sou agora o Gerente de projetos especiais para Marcio e isso inclui escrever conteúdo para seus sites. Eu coordeno com seus desenhadores web no Europa quem trabalham em todos seus sites e desenham novos.

Eu tenho interações com Marcio durante o dia via chats, SMS e Skype e nós fazemos conferencia de vídeo nas noites, normalmente depois das 10 pm quando ele tem tempo para fazer conselho criativo e nós trabalhamos algumas vezes até 1 ou 2 da manha quando ele esta no seu melhor elemento criativo.

Estas sessões são grabadas, eu tenho uma coleção de provavelmente 150 gravações diferentes recentes de seus reuniões com me que eu tenho como referencia de tempo em tempo e nessas gravações ele a revisão do meu trabalho, ele me diz e nós falamos do novos projetos.

Eu desfruto trabalhar com Marcio por sua dedicação no negocio, por sua ingenuidade e sua mente criativa. Eu penso que seus negócios som exitosos por seu envolvimento e sua inteligencia.


Christa’s Testimony for Marcio Garcia de Andrade

It’s not everday that we meet a brilliant mind with a heart of gold. I could say that I am lucky to meet Marcio Garcia de Andrade.

I started working for him back in January 2015 and I sure am glad that I responded to his invitation. Marcio Garcia de Andrade helped me grow as a professional. He helped me explore capabilities that I never knew were there all along. From a humble position, he raised me up to a position I never thought I will ever attain. It was just a fantasy in my wildest dream but somehow he was able to turn that into a reality. I am not speaking only for myself only but for others in the company as well since he changed the life of his workers both in a professional and personal way.

Marcio Garcia de Andrade is very hands on and based on our dealings. He oversees his company and knows everything that’s going on. He is a jack of all trades and has mastered a lot when it comes to business.

Most of all, he changed some of my views in life. I was once afraid of failure but right now, because of him, I realized that failure is the key to success and there is always someone out there ready to understand and help. He helped me when I failed his expectations instead of just giving up on me. 

That helped me grow as a person and in return, helped the company reach its goal.

I just want to tell him how grateful I am to work for him and I still see myself working for him years from now. Thank you very much, Marcio!